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Nestled in downtown Columbia's North Arts District, Good Food Co. uses locally-sourced ingredients to turn out handmade pastries, salads, soups, and indulgent desserts. Whether you're craving something savory or a sweet treat, this humble shop is a smart move.

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You Should Try:
The fluffy, gooey cinnamon rolls. Made with brioche dough and drizzled with a classic glaze, these rolls are decadent but not overly-sweet. If you prefer crumbly to fluffy, look no further than the wide array of inventive scones. Sweet flavors like raspberry white chocolate are delicious, and don't forget the savory versions like the cute little cheddar, bacon, and chive number.
When To Go:
Weekends! This homey spot is locked up tightly Monday through Thursday, so make sure to grab your goodies starting on Friday mornings. Don't forget to stop by on the first Friday night of every month to complement the Arts District's monthly music/art extravaganza with some dessert.
A Secret From Locals:
Though the welcoming scent of butter and sugar initially lures in passersby, Jill Rostine is the real reason people keep coming back for more. She's the owner and mastermind pastry chef behind the counter, and people say that a smile from her can feel just as warm as biting into one of her fresh creations.
A Healthier Suggestion:
The seasonal salads seem to pale in comparison to the extensive list of trifles, tarts, and torts, but don't be fooled. Updated weekly, these salads are made with produce sourced directly from the Columbia Farmer's Market and served alongside a house-made brioche roll or Cobblestone. Snag a plate during lunch for $10.
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