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Best Kids' Menus in Columbia, MO

Best Kids' Menus in Columbia, MO

Not all kids' menus are created equal. If you’re a parent, you know this to be true. Along with a laid-back atmosphere, accommodating service staff and varied seating arrangements, a quality kids' menu is a hallmark of a truly family-friendly restaurant. In an effort to make your next family outing a breeze, we’ve compiled the best kids' menus in the Columbia food scene. We can’t promise there won’t be sticky fingers and messy faces, but we can assure you that everyone will be satisfied. (And they each offer more than chicken nuggets.)

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Columbia, MO with the Best Kids' Menus

D. Rowe's Restaurant & Bar

D. Rowe’s defines itself as a family-friendly establishment, and we agree. Each entree on their kids' menu evens out to $6.00 with side options of steamed broccoli, waffle fries, applesauce, cottage cheese, sweet potato fries, or — wait for it — smiley fries! For the main events, they have:

BBQ Chicken: Two grilled chicken strips smothered in barbecue sauce and served with a side.

Burger: A grilled beef patty, with or without cheese, and a side.

Chicken Tenders: Two fresh, hand breaded chicken tenders served with a side.

Fish: Tempura battered cod loin, tartar as a dipping sauce and a side.

Grilled Cheese: Toasted sourdough and cheddar cheese with a side.

Pasta: Penne pasta tossed with your choice of marinara, alfredo or butter, sprinkled with parmesan cheese and served with a breadstick.

Pulled Pork: Tender pulled pork piled on a bun and served with a side.

Flat Branch Pub & Brewing

Known around town for their in-house brews and spacious patio, Flat Branch is a local favorite that doesn’t stop delivering on options when it comes to kids. For no more than $5, kids 12 and under can choose from:

Pepperoni Pizza

Cheese Pizza




Catfish Sticks

Dino Chicken Nuggets

Crab Cakes

Veggie Plate


Cheese Fries


There are so many things to love about Addison’s. Their late night happy hour deals and iconic Nachos Bianco make them go down as an all-time favorite destination for college students and adults. However, with each option coming in at $5.99, their kids' menu is also one to beat.

Kennedy’s Burger

Nick’s Cheese Quesadillas

Delaney’s Chicken Bites

Kate’s Corn Dog

Monroe’s Mac and Cheese

Parker’s Pepperoni Pizza

Lincoln’s Grilled Chicken Salad

Como Smoke and Fire

Como Smoke and Fire’s kids' menu is one we’d eat off of in a heartbeat. Luckily, if you’re 12 or younger or 65 and older, you can! The variety on this menu is hard to beat, as they offer many of their barbecue classics, just in smaller portions and lower prices.

Turkey Slider: One slider with smoked turkey and a choice of side.

Beef or Pork Burnt Ends Slider: One slider piled with thick, tender pieces of slow smoked brisket or pork belly, served with a side.

Ribs: Slow smoked baby back ribs with a choice of side.

Mac and Cheese: A generous portion of house made mac and cheese with a choice of side.

Grilled Cheese: Texas toast grilled cheese with American cheese and a choice of side.

Beef Sliders: One slider with a mini hamburger and a choice of cheese and side.

Pulled Pork Slider: One slider topped with slow smoked pork served with a side.

Brisket Slider: One slider with thin sliced brisket and a choice of side.

Chicken Tenders: Home-style chicken tenders with a choice of side.

Las Margaritas

Who says kids can’t get in on Mexican cuisine? Bring on the fajitas, hold the margaritas. All joking aside, Las Margaritas has distinguished itself as a comfortable place to gather with family, no matter which of the three convenient locations you visit.

Taco: Mexican rice and refried beans.

Mini Nacho Fajitas: Chicken or steak.

Hamburger: Served with fries.

Enchilada: Mexican rice and refried beans.

Mini Quesadilla Fajita: Chicken or steak. Rice and beans.

Chicken Fingers: Served with fries.

Burrito: Mexican rice and refried beans.

Small Taco Salad: Ground beef.


Sophia’s is a popular date night destination, and if you want to bring kids into the mix, it’s also perfect for a family night out. While the adults choose from a variety of tapas, insalatas, pastas and over a hundred different wines, the littles can choose from any of the fool-proof options on the kids' menu.

Kids Spaghetti

Monroe’s Mac and Cheese

Delaney’s Chicken Bites

Kids Cheese Pizza

Jina Yoo's

Sometimes there’s just no getting around an Asian food craving. Whether you’re pining after sushi, coconut shrimp or fried rice, don’t let picky kids deter you from indulging; Jina Yoo’s offers the basics for your young ones that will keep everyone happy.

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken: With broccoli and rice.

Cheese Quesadilla: Add chicken for extra charge.

Buttered Noodles

California Roll

Well, there you have it! Indulge in these family-friendly restaurants and you won’t be disappointed. Did we miss a stellar kids' menu in Columbia? Let us know at [email protected]!

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