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Brownies With a Secret Local Ingredient

Brownies With a Secret Local Ingredient

Holiday baking season may be over but thankfully, Valentine's Day means baking infused with copious amounts of chocolate. 

While brownies are a classic, chocolate packed favorite, we have an easy recipe made with a local ingredient that takes normal fudgy brownies and intensifies them with a citrus twist. 

Chocolate Orange Brownies

All you need to make this delicious dessert are your staple brownie ingredients (sugar, vanilla eggs, baking powder, cocoa powder, salt, flour) or just a box mix if you want to save time like us. However, skip the canola oil. 

Head down to Boone Olive Oil Co.  located at 20 S. 9th St., pick up a bottle of their Blood Orange Fused Olive Oil and use it to replace the oil in your recipe.
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If you've ever had one of those chocolate oranges that you slam on the table to open around Christmas, you will get a sense of familiarity from the smell of the mix alone. Pop em' in the oven and let it do its thing. 

After they cool, garnish with fresh orange peel and/ or powered sugar. 
Thumb brownie

So get cooking! Whether you make a pan for a galentine's party, your special someone or for yourself*, they are an unexpected twist on a typical brownie and they support a great local business! Orange you glad you found this article?

*Don't worry, we won't judge. The testers we made were gone in less than 24 hours between your two test chefs

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