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Cheers to Tomato Season

Cheers to Tomato Season

 Back in July of 2016 when Savor was first starting out, we published an article on Columbia's best bloody mary spots. After some feedback, new restaurant and bar openings and research, we bring you Columbia's Best Bloody Mary Spots, part two. 

Summer means tomato season and many of the Bloody Marys on this list are made with mixes using locally grown tomatoes and other produce. Celebrate local growers by grabbing a drink at your favorite spot and trying one of these spicy, tomato-packed beverages! 

Barred Owl 
Bar manager Andrew Ruth says a good Bloody Mary mix is "one of those things kind of like chili, it gets better as it sits to a certain point."
Barred Owl's bloody mary mix is batched so it can be consistent and have a deep, complex flavor. 

What's in it: Tomato juice, onion and garlic powder, white and black pepper, dried dill, celery salt, fresh groud horseradish, paprika, ground cayenne, cumin, dijon mustard, hot sauce, Worcestershire, lemon, olive and pickle juices and a pepper blend that is made with 15 different peppers from local producers. Garnishes include house-pickled veggies and bleu cheese stuffed olives upon request. In the future, they hope to offer house-cured meat and cheese options to fit the restaurant's theme. Customers get to choose which alcohol goes in their beverage as well. The house-infused choices are: spicy pepper vodka, cilantro lime tequila, Aquavit, and parmesan vodka.
Size: 8 oz.

Price: $7+
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CoMO Smoke and Fire 
What's in it: UV Sriracha vodka, tomato juice, CoMO Smoke and Fire BBQ sauce, lime juice, salt and pepper, Worcestershire sauce, crispy bacon, olives, pickle spear.
Each bartender has been there for about four years and likes to put their own little spin on the popular drink. A fair helping of CoMO Smoke and Fire BBQ sauce goes into each bloody and gives the drink a spicy, rich kick. If you like em' spicy and if you like BBQ, this is the Bloody Mary for you. Pairs well with a side of burnt ends, pulled pork, mac n' get it. 
Size: 16 oz. 
Price: $6.99
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Dogmaster Distillery 
What's in it: V8 tomato base, celery salt, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, a little bit of tabasco and a little beef bouillon base to add umami. 
This Bloody is special because it is made with vodka distilled right on site. On the milder side of spice but packed with flavor and garnished with simple ingredients as well as a bacon salt rim, it's perfect for sipping during happy hour every Tuesday and Wednesday in the open concept bar/ distillery. 
Size: 16 oz.
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Glenn's Cafe
What's in it: House-made Bloody Mary mix, Absolut Peppar, celery, olives, pickled okra, cucumber, lemon and lime. Glenn's Bloody is rimmed with a house-made blackened seasoning. This seasoning makes Glenn's one of the spiciest Bloody Marys in CoMO. 
Size: 16 oz. 
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Image courtesy of Glenn's Cafe 
What's in it: 
Tomato juice, cumin, salt, pepper, lemon, granulated onion and garlic, sriracha, or as bartender Sean Curd refers to it, “Cool kid’s ketchup” Tobasco sauce, coriander, cayenne and red pepper flakes. This Bloody is garnished with local produce. Sycamore sometimes offers a Jalapeño-cilantro simple syrup as a bloody mary addition. This sweetens it up a little but it has both the heat and the vegetal quality to really bring a different flavor. When people order a Bloody and it's on had, a Sycamore server will let you know that they have it available.
10 oz.
Price: $7

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*Readers also suggested these great places to grab a Bloody Mary: Les Bourgeious, Walnut Street Tap + Kitchen, Teller's, 44 Canteen, Shakespeare's, Shiloh.*

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