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Chewy Drink Spot Gets Makeover and New Owners

Chewy Drink Spot Gets Makeover and New Owners

Located on 9th St. in the heart of the bustling District sits Bubblecup Tea Zone, adorned with a brand new sign. Those unfamiliar with bubble tea may have never stepped foot inside, but new owners are here to provide the best bubble tea in town.

Bubble milk tea, also called bubble tea and boba, is originally from Taiwan. Using a classic tea or milk base available in a variety of flavors, this drink is made completely different from other teas people are used to seeing because of what is in the bottom of the cup. Small tapioca-like pearls or "bubbles," hence the name, sit in the bottom of the tea and get sucked up through fat straws with every sip. They add a bite to every drink a guest takes and make for a totally new and fun tea drinking experience.

Tzuyang Chao and his wife Yiching Lin are both originally from Taiwan and have strong ties to the island's food culture, both from living there and from each of their family histories. The pair recently took over tea shop ownership from longtime owners June and Peter. Their goal is to provide quality teas and outstanding customer service to those both familiar and unfamiliar with bubble tea.

For a guest who has never tried bubble tea, Chao recommends the three best-selling menu items. Boba Milk Tea (available in a variety of flavors), Cookie Cream Snow and Strawberry Banana Snow.

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Matcha milk tea is one of owner Tzuyang Chao's favorite flavors of the beverage. Sweet and slightly earthy, this green tea drink is great all year round. 

In addition to bubble tea,  Bubblecup offers freshly brewed tea, crepes, fried dumplings and snowfluff, a shaved ice/smoothie-like drink.

Milk teas are made with non-dairy milk and soymilk is an option for those who prefer it. 

Bubblecup Tea Zone is located at 23 S. 9th St. and is open

Mon-Thur 10:30am - 8:00pm

Fri-Sat 10:30am – 9:00pm

Sun 12:00pm – 6:00pm


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