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Cocktails and Crafts

Cocktails and Crafts

Confetti Craft Co. is the “one-of-a-kind craft and cocktail experience in Columbia.” The creation of Owner Michelle Nickerson and her husband, this colorful studio and bar is the perfect spot to make your Pinterest boards come to life without all of the hassle while enjoying a much-deserved cocktail for all of the hard work you put into crafting.

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Currently, 21 different crafts are offered with more options being added soon. All 21 crafts are available to be made at all times. However, four to six crafts are switched out every so often to reflect the season. What makes Confetti Craft Co. different than a traditional craft class is flexibility. It isn’t a teacher-led class where each “student” makes the same piece, step by step. Each guest is given the option to make the craft of his or her choice. An instruction book with follow-along photos is the guide as guests sip and craft the night away.

The idea behind Confetti Craft Co. is simple: take projects that people want to do and make them easy, fun and accessible in an "industrial chic" environment.

“We all have these Pinterest boards filled with projects and recipes and I don’t think any of us are really making them because to make them requires planning and shopping and then the doing and then the cleanup,” says Nickerson. “So we thought if we could eliminate most of those steps, then people would start creating more.”

The pre-measured crafts are set up so guests piece them together and then personalize them to their liking. In case there are any questions or mistakes, project assistants walk around to help.

At the front of the studio sits a full bar. 12 signature cocktails are available, each with names as whimsical and unique as the crafts. With favorites like Peach Better Have My Honey, You Go Glen Coco and the theme fitting Confetti Drop, the cocktails accompany a night of crafting perfectly.

Nickerson and bartender Jeremiah Huey worked backwards from the creative names to develop the cocktails. Sorting through countless drink menus and finding a variety of flavors was important in creating the signature drinks. While the drinks are popular, the full bar also allows guests to choose something simple like a Rum & Coke, a bottle of beer or a glass of wine if that is more their style.

Perhaps the most popular, theme fitting cocktail, the Confetti Drop was created using the ‘backwards’ technique. 

“I found this candy confetti and fell in love with it. So I took it to Jeremiah and said, I want you to make something that makes sense with this,” said Nickerson. Thus, the Confetti Drop, a sweet, Fruit Loop-reminiscent concoction was born.

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 When the venue concept was being developed, Nickerson wanted the bar to be an important part of the guest experience at Confetti Craft Co.

“It was important to me that this felt like a bar. Sometimes when you go to other creative businesses, it feels like you are at art class at summer camp. It’s very quiet, and it’s fine, there is a time and place for that. But I really wanted this to feel like a bar and I didn’t want it to be an afterthought,” said Nickerson.

The bar is open for tireless crafters and also for those who just want to come in to try some of the signature cocktails.

A craft happy hour is offered Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Select crafts are $25 from 3 p.m.-6 p.m. and drink specials are offered during the happy hour time.

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Wine Down Wednesday is from 7 p.m.-10 p.m. and features wine bottles at half price.

Confetti Craft Co. accepts both online bookings and walk ins for craft projects.

Right now, when you purchase one craft, you receive another craft for $17. This offer is good until 1/13/17.

A DIY mimosa bar is available on weekends to accompany a day of DIY crafts. Start with champagne, pick your juice, add fresh fruit garnishes and craft the day away, mimosa in hand.

Whether you are looking for a new craft to complete or a perfectly concocted cocktail to try, Confetti Craft Co. is a fun and unique experience all around.


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