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Columbia's Best BBQ

Columbia's Best BBQ

With National BBQ Month in May, we are serving up a list of some Columbia BBQ favorites for you. Every good BBQ recipe comes with a good story of what led to its creation, the inspiration behind it and how it was executed to become what it is today. Let’s get lost in the sauce as we discuss the unique twist these restaurants take on BBQ.

Local BBQ Restaurants in Columbia, Mo Roundup

COMO Smoke and Fire

COMO Smoke and Fire is a family owned and family run business in Columbia, MO. Their inviting atmosphere is great for families and those looking to enjoy a home-cooked meal in a restaurant setting. Their BBQ flavors were crafted and tested over the years by family members at home, which eventually led to the opening of their restaurant. You can expect to find a classic BBQ menu consisting of brisket, ribs, pulled pork and more at COMO Smoke and Fire. All of their food is cooked fresh daily, from the roasting of the meat to the creation of the sauce to top it all off. They do not identify their BBQ sauce as KC or Saint Louis but rather decided to create a genre of their own: COMO BBQ.

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Buckingham Smokehouse BBQ

Buckingham Smokehouse BBQ utilizes a blend of oak and hickory woods to achieve the perfect smoky taste when you bite into one of their dishes. Their 5,000 pound smoker standing at almost 8 feet tall smokes fresh meat daily to ensure top-notch flavor. As recipients of Columbia Magazine’s “Best of Columbia” for 10 years straight, its safe to see these culinary geniuses know what the people want and how to deliver. Owner Mark Brown has a unique background working in the rock and roll industry for well-known artists such as Pink Floyd, Elton John, Prince and more. Life on the road for 20 years led him to open the first restaurant in 1998. 20 years later his BBQ dishes are still a staple in the Columbia community.

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Smokin’ Chicks BBQ

Smokin’ Chicks BBQ is known for serving up Southern-style BBQ courtesy of their special, in-house dry rub that accompanies almost all of their meat dishes. Offering dine in, take-out, delivery and catering - you will never find yourself wondering how to get your hands on their tasty food. Owners, Lisa and Chick, first began their journey in restaurants by opening a pizza franchise. Shortly after, they realized they wanted more freedom within the industry. After receiving advice from a friend encouraging them to invest their time in something they are more passionate towards, they opened up Smokin’ Chicks BBQ in Columbia, Mo. Lisa and Chick are passionate about what they do and they see Smokin’ Chicks as more than just a restaurant. To them, it is a place where people can gather and enjoy a family style dinner in a welcoming atmosphere. They strive to make each guest feel at home when dining at Smokin’ Chicks.  

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Big Daddy’s BBQ

Big Daddy’s BBQ started off as a food truck before opening up a brick and mortar, carry out restaurant in 2015. The restaurant keeps their customers on their toes with changing, daily specials that very from free hot dogs to $5 dollar wings. These enticing specials can be found on their facebook page which always has the latest updates. Dedicated and passionate business Fontella and Lloyd Henry, are also active members in the Columbia community as they cater special events such as Roots N Blues as well as participate in profit shares for organizations such as the Columbia Food Bank. Their BBQ is so well-known and well-loved in the Columbia area, they have even served special guests like the broadcasters from ESPN!

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Columbia, MO is proud of our local restaurants and we encourage the public to indulge in our BBQ restaurants during the month of May!

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