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Columbia's Local Food Truck Guide

Columbia's Local Food Truck Guide

There's something totally awesome about a food truck that traditional dining doesn't offer. Maybe it's the fun, maybe it's the atmosphere, maybe it's the sheer progression in technology that makes cooking a full meal in a truck possible. One thing is clear: food trucks are in. Columbia is one of those lucky locations that has an incredible local food truck scene. As such, we wanted to round up all of our favorite local food trucks into a handy guide. 

Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company

Ever crave the taste of the South but want to enjoy it with a local beer from Logboat Brewery? Look no further. Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company brings you Southern classics with a modern twist. This family-owned food truck comes to Columbia from the valleys of North East Arkansas. The best part? Every entree is served up with some soul between a fluffy, buttery biscuit. Imagine the home-cooked classics of your grandma with the finishing touches of a gourmet chef. Some well-known favorites are the Chicken Fried Chicken and Cajun Catfish, paired with a side of hush puppies. All of the menu items include the flavors of local, seasonal ingredients with an emphasis on sustainable and humane sources. Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company can be seen frequenting Logboat Brewery, the Columbia Farmers Market, as well as North Village in downtown Columbia.

Lilly’s Cantina

Lilly’s Cantina brings its hungry guests Baja-Midwest fusion in the form of bountiful burritos accompanied by fresh salsas. With a menu that changes seasonally to utilize the freshest, most local ingredients, this food truck is extremely mobile as it does not require the use of electronic plug ins. This makes Lilly's delicious food accessible for many different types of occasions and in different locations, like parks and other outdoor spaces. Lilly’s Cantina is more than your average taco truck. Lilly’s prepares made-to-order dishes and offers a wide variety of meat options such as beef, pork, chicken, lobster, fish and shrimp to add some protein to your flavorful dish. For those veggie lovers, Lilly’s also offers vegetarian options. The menu includes burritos, tacos, quesadillas and nachos that will put an entirely new spin on your perspective of traditional mexican food.

Manzo’s Pizza

Columbia, being a college town, is filled with a plethora of options when it comes to pizza places. However, Manzo’s Pizza changes the game by cooking your next pie to perfection in under three minutes in their wood-fired oven, set at 900 degrees. Owner Aaron Jurgensmeyer wanted the perfect oven for his pizza truck and that’s why he had it custom made in Connecticut and specially installed into his truck’s kitchen. The burning wood from the oven cooks the pizzas in a way that adds a crispy texture and smokey essence that you can only get from a wood-fired oven. With specials that rotate daily, Manzo’s also serves up homemade creations like sandwiches and salads. Some popular favorites are the Voodoo Pizza and Shrimp Po-boy Sandwich. You can spot Manzo’s Pizza easily by following the updates posted on their Facebook that inform you of their whereabouts for the upcoming week.


What’s the difference between a good sandwich and a great sandwich? Homemade bread to hold together all of the yummy contents! What takes a great sandwich to a life-changing one? Meats that are cooked using an in-house smoker and names for popular sandwiches that are fun to say like General Tso  and the Drunken Pork. If this is what you’re looking for in a sandwich, put down that take-out menu and look no further. Grill-A-Brothers knows sandwiches, and can turn up the flavor of any event with their mouth-watering grilled subs. Since 2014, Daniel Thorne has been changing the lives of sandwich lovers all across Columbia. Grill-A-Brother’s menu is straight to the point - but don’t let the small menu fool you. Prepare to be overwhelmed with sandwich descriptions that will make you question if you have ever even had a real sub in the first place.

Jerk Hut

Looking for a new genre of food to try in Columbia? With dishes including unique components, such as oxtail and goat, Jerk Hut embodies the true flavors of traditional Jamaican food. Their jerk chicken is one of their menus’ most celebrated items. This colorful food truck, painted with the colors of the Jamaican flag, is impossible to miss parked at their frequent location at Macadoodles on Green Meadows Road. Their menu is a complete list of freshly made Jamaican food, ensuring a traditional culinary experience. Trying the Jerk Hut is sure to satisfy your taste buds with its tender meats and sauces exploding with flavor. Craving Jerk Hut but don’t know where to look? Check out their Facebook page for updates on where to find them as well as contact information for booking and catering.

The Big Cheeze

This food truck truly honors two of America’s most prized comfort foods: cheese and bread. The Big Cheeze creates gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches that are all priced under 9 dollars and include chips as well as a pickle spear. Buying one of these sandwiches will turn you into a selfish person, as you won’t want to sacrifice a single bite for sharing. What could make this food truck even more awesome? The Big Cheeze graciously donates some of its profits to local causes in Columbia. This cheese slingin’ food truck localizes their brand even more by being dedicated Mizzou fans. While the Big Cheeze is a Columbia staple, they’ll even frequent Jefferson City and Ashland! Follow the Big Cheeze’s whereabouts via Facebook updates and try their highly praised menu item, the pulled pork and mac n’ cheese sandwich.

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