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Confetti Craft Co. Summer Menu

Confetti Craft Co. Summer Menu

Confetti Craft Co., a local handmade craft and craft cocktail bar located at 1201 E. Broadway, Lower Level, has had a busy end to spring with Columbia locals celebrating occasions like graduation, Mother’s Day and Greek events. In between the exciting craziness, owner Michelle Nickerson got the chance to go on a spring break trip to Mexico. There, she found inspiration for a fun and fruity summer menu for her business that mixes craft cocktails, actual crafts and a whole lot of fun.

Nickerson and bartender, Jeremiah Huey concocted the six new drinks inspired by Mexico, current events and flavors they both enjoyed. Trial and error and taste testing drinks they had seen other places led them to creating the new menu with accompanying memorable names.

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As many fresh produce items as possible are purchased at Lucky's Market since most menu items contain one or more fresh fruits to fit the summer theme. While Nickerson says she can’t pick just one favorite to sip, she is excited to have those who have never been to Confetti Craft Co. and those who are old pros come pick their favorite.

Staple favorites like the Confetti Drop, a Fruit Loop-esque martini, will still be available in addition to the seasonal menu.

Pineapple of Happiness- 

Sake, fresh pineapple, lime, mint, simple syrup, club soda. 

Sushi and cocktails in Mexico inspired. Who would have thought that Sake in a fruity cocktail would be so smooth and delicious?

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Pear Basil Martini- 

Pear vodka, basil, simple syrup, lemon, bitters. 

Earthy from the fresh basil and sweet from the vodka and syrup.

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Grapefruit Mojito Mo Problems- 

Rum, fresh grapefruit, simple syrup, lime, mint.

A classic, darn good mojito with a grapefruit-y twist.

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Blackberry Whiskey Smash- 

Whiskey, fresh blackberries, lemon, mint, club soda. 

Lil’ bit of sweet, lil’ bit of smoky from the whiskey, a whole lot of summer in a glass.

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Cuke Skywalker-

Cucumber Vodka, lemon, orange marmalade, simple syrup. 

You can almost hear the Star Wars theme song as you sip this cucumber forward martini. The orange marmalade makes the drink sweet while the cucumber packs a strong punch.

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Bohemian Raspberry- 

Vodka, ginger beer, fresh raspberries, lime, mint. 

Is this real life? Is this just a fantasy? Drinking this in Confetti Craft Co. is the perfect escape from reality.

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Nobody Puts Blueberry in the Corner- 

Vanilla vodka, St. Germaine liqueur, simple syrup, fresh blueberries, mint, club soda. 

Dirty Dancing fans will love this sweet, not-so-dirty delight.

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In the corner, there is a little rack that looks like one of Confetti Craft Co’s many projects. However, it is actually an herb rack that is in its young growing stage for now but will hopefully soon be used for cocktail ingredients and garnishes.

Follow Confetti Craft Co. on Facebook to stay updated on new summer crafts and menu items! Also, check out their Facebook and other social media pages and enter their summer giveaway until June 10th!



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