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Cooking Classes Based on the Basics

Cooking Classes Based on the Basics

Ashley Nichols isn’t a nutritionist, dietician or professional chef. She is a mom of two and a self-made cooking coach, dedicated to making others feel good, eat better and have fun in the process.

Nichols started Back 2 Basics Cooking independently in 2014 after discovering she had many dietary needs and switching both herself and her mother to a Paleo diet.

“My mom has kind of been a chronic dieter through my whole life and was never happy with her weight, no matter what it was,” says Nichols. “When we started doing Paleo... her whole attitude was so much different. It was so awesome seeing her heal that I just wanted to help others. I didn’t really set out to start a business, but one thing turned into another and here I am.”

Back 2 Basics originally started as group cooking classes at a small, local community kitchen, based on the idea of learning with friends and loved ones to create healthy food the way people used to.

“I decided I was going to do the cooking classes because a lot of people don’t even know how to cook basic things anymore,” says Nichols.  “You know, we are all so busy, it has kind of fallen out. Most of us don’t learn from our mothers or our grandmothers like most people used to.”

Since then, Nichols has added many different themed cooking classes for all ages to her menu of services, as well as private classes and kitchen tool skill classes. Classes are held in The Catering Kitchen, located in The Village of Cherry Hill.

There are eight different classes that vary each month, ranging in theme from "A Meal with Mom," in which a child and guardian cook a meal together, to birthday, team building or bachelorette party group cooking classes.

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Activities fill the downtime when food is cooking or class participants are not on their feet doing something. Nichols put together small team and family bonding activities to bring people together in the time it takes to make the meals they are cooking.

Nichols also offers private lessons, either in-home or at the studio kitchen, for up to 16 people.

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For people on the go and in search of healthy, pre-prepared meals, freezer meals in serving sizes of three and six can be ordered to go. Customers can place bulk orders from a rotating monthly menu and pick up pre-prepared meals once a month in Columbia and Jefferson City. All of the menu options are Paleo and many are Whole 30 approved. However, they can also be made non-Paleo.

 If you are a first time customer and want to take a class with family or friends, Back 2 Basics Cooking offers 20% off for first time customers with the code:“tryitout20

Visit to see all class and meal options, book a class time and more!


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