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Disco Dogs Puts a Funky, Fresh Spin on Street Food

Disco Dogs Puts a Funky, Fresh Spin on Street Food

As Americans, we have a lot of things to be proud of, like freedom, democracy – and hotdogs, of course. Hotdogs are a staple of American culture. Here in Columbia, you’ve probably noticed the hotdog stands scattered about downtown on weekend nights, giving salvation to tired, drunken bar-goers.

One particular stand, Disco Dogs, stands out due to its colorful rainbow umbrella. Disco Dogs was given its name by owner Shawnee Perry because of her enthusiasm for modern, upbeat music. The addition of a mini disco ball adds to the name and keeps the party going as customers visit the cart after long nights at the bars.

Disco Dogs does more than just hot dogs. With 10 unique menu items from classic dogs, cheesesteaks and gyros, there is something for every street food lover. The menu was created by Perry. She wanted to bring fresh ingredients and unique items to classic street food. In fact, the vegetables used in her creations are grown right in her own garden.

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The hot dog menu includes the most popular item: the Disco Dog, a concoction of garlic cheddar, chili, grilled peppers and onion; the Diva, which has cream cheese, bacon, peppers and onion; the Badass, consisting of extra garlic cheddar, peppers and onion; and the Zeus, which has taziki sauce with bacon and onion.

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While hotdogs are the favorite, Perry’s unique cheesesteak and gyro creations are gaining popularity.

If you are looking to try a saucy, flavor-packed street food treat to celebrate America’s most popular food, try a Disco Dog next time you stroll down Broadway. Be on the lookout for the colorful umbrella on Mizzou’s campus this fall, too. Perry hopes to find a spot to sell her creations during the day for the upcoming school year.

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