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Get Columbia-Style Barbecue at Como Smoke and Fire

Get Columbia-Style Barbecue at Como Smoke and Fire

It’s not St. Louis-style barbecue, and it’s not Kansas City-style barbecue. At Como Smoke and Fire, it’s Columbia-style barbecue. With a wide menu ranging from brisket and ribs to sandwiches and burgers, their house-smoked meats can go up to bat against the others! 

Como Smoke and Fire is locally owned and operated by the Hawkins family. Patrick, Matt and Christy Hawkins opened the restaurant in 2013, realizing a long-time dream born out of backyard family barbecues and a desire to serve the mid-Missouri community. Recipes that were once invented and taste-tested at Hawkins family gatherings are now served to the masses at their barbecue restaurant in Columbia, Missouri.

Taking pride in their homemade sauces, daily fresh-smoked meats and friendly service, Como Smoke and Fire is the perfect fix for your next barbecue craving. Explore our personal favorite menu favorites and be sure to pay them a visit as barbecue season comes around in full swing. 

Explore Como Smoke and Fire's Mouthwatering Barbecue Menu

Smoked Wings

Is there anything better than meaty, tender house-smoked wings? Como Smoke and Fire offers them in a delicious dry rub or buffalo style. 

Carolina Burger

Inspired by the Carolina’s and their barbecue traditions, this burger marries a hearty half-pound patty with delicious pulled pork. Pair it with a side of fries and we’re certain you’ll leave satisfied. 

Como Burger

This affectionately named burger is stacked with a half pound patty, grilled mushrooms, roasted red peppers, red onion, avocado slices and your choice of cheese.  

Como Grilled Mac & Cheese

The picture speaks for itself—this sandwich is one of our absolute favorites. It combines your favorite meat and mac and cheese between two thick slices of Texas toast. It really doesn’t get much better than that! 

Pulled Pork

The barbecue entrees at Como Smoke and Fire do not disappoint. Served with Texas toast and your choice of two sides, these meats come straight from the smoker and are full of flavor. Try this tender pork shoulder smoked to perfection. 

Beef or Pork Burnt Ends

If you consider yourself a big barbecue fan and haven’t tried burnt ends, you’re missing out. Burnt ends are flavorful pieces of meat cut from the “point” half of smoked brisket or pork belly. These smoky bites pack intense flavor, making them a crowd favorite! 

Satisfy Your Summer Barbecue Cravings at Como Smoke and Fire

Whether you opt for a handheld burger, the famous mac and cheese sandwich or a classic barbecue platter, you really can’t go wrong at Como Smoke and Fire. As the weather gets warmer and barbecue season approaches, be sure to give them a try! 

Visit Como Smoke and Fire’s website to view their full menu and learn how to visit them. 

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