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"Grown Up" Mac N' Cheese For All Ages

"Grown Up" Mac N' Cheese For All Ages

Whether you’re making it as a last minute dinner in your freshman dorm or for a fancy dinner party, mac n’ cheese is an easy to make, delicious favorite.

Luckily, some genius dedicated an entire 24 hours to honor the creamy goodness that is mac n’ cheese. Thus, July 14th, National Mac n’ Cheese Day.

Made with different noodles, varieties of cheese and extra ingredients, this dish has been experimented with and expanded from its classic recipe.

One of Columbia’s best mac n’ cheeses is found at The Wolf's Head Tavern, located just North of downtown. We traveled here to celebrate one of the best 'holidays' in America. 

The Wolf’s Head Tavern inhabits what used to be a Thai restaurant. What was once a generic, strip mall style restaurant is now an authentic tavern atmosphere with brick and wood paneled walls, Edison bulbs and chalkboard menus with ever-changing daily specials.

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The name was created by co-owner Aaron Warren after he became fascinated by Irish history. Although not from an Irish family, Warren did some research and came across a story that explained that wolves were killed off in Ireland in the 1700’s. Wolves remained a large part of Irish folklore and mythology and this inspired Warren to incorporate them into the name of his restaurant.

The mac n' cheese at The Wolf’s Head isn’t your classic cheddar mac. It is in its own league. A customer once said, “baby mac n’ cheese wants to grow up to be this.” The delicious recipe starts with plenty of fresh garlic toasted in a pan. Heavy cream and cheese are added to create an alfredo-like sauce for the orecchiette noodles. When the dish is plated, a little crunch  is added to the top.The crunch comes from homemade bread crumbs. Wolf's head makes their own sourdough then turns it into finely crumbled bread crumbs that add a little extra texture and flavor to the creamy, garlicky goodness of the mac n’ cheese.

If you're looking to add a little something extra to your mac, a great pairing for the dish, recommended by Warren, is Founders Nitro Pale Ale. Its full bodied flavor compliments the roasted garlic.

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A small serving of the dish costs $5 and a larger portion goes for $8.

Whether you're celebrating a culinary holiday or just want to try some grown up mac n' cheese without the powdered cheese, The Wolf's Head won't disappoint. 

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