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Halloween Candy and Adult Beverage Pairings

Halloween Candy and Adult Beverage Pairings

There are two aisles in the grocery store that really get to me. Every time I take that dreaded trip to the store, they draw me in, no matter how many times I tell myself I won’t go near them.

I’ll be doing well, loading up on fresh produce and healthy things then BAM. There I am. Standing in the liquor aisle, bottle of wine in hand or I'll wind up in the dreaded Halloween Candy aisle in the middle of September.

It’s just something I’ve learned to accept and it got me thinking. I obviously have an insatiable passion for adult beverages and all things candy so why not find the perfect pairings to make this disgusting passion right in the world of food pairing?

If you are as hopeless as I, you will hopefully find this list of Halloween candy/ BOOze pairings helpful.

The situation: your kid comes back from trick or treating, dumps out their overstuffed jack-o’-lantern of treats and hands you the Good & Plentys they don’t want. Perfect.

BOOze pairing: Goes great with a Jäger Bomb.

Why? If you like Jäger bombs, chances are you don’t completely hate black licorice and might as well intensify the flavor.

The situation: You’re a gross person according to half of your friends because you love candy corn. GOOD.

BOOze pairing: Goes great with a light beer to That doesn’t just mean Natty Light or Coors. You can be a little more experimental than that. Try a light Pumpkin flavored beer if you so choose to encapsulate all of fall into one sitting.

Why? A lighter beer will balance out the heaviness of all that sugar packed into a tiny little kernel shape.  


The situation: You buy an entire bag of Reese’s for yourself because you’re an animal.

BOOze pairing: Sherry dessert wine or an ice cold beer.

Why? A sweet dessert wine will cut through the richness of the PB and a beer like an IPA will blend perfectly with the earthy, nutty flavor of it.


The situation: You end up with fruity candy like Starburst or Skittles.

BOOze pairing: A white wine like Chardonnay

Why? The light, crisp notes of the fruit in the white wine will pair well with the totally real fruit flavors of your chosen candy.


The situation: According to USA Today, Missouri’s favorite Halloween Candy is Hershey’s Kisses.

BOOze pairing: A nice red wine like Merlot.

Why? Is there a better pairing than wine and chocolate? Also the smoothness of a drinkable, good quality Merlot won’t be too sweet for the sweet milk chocolate. If you’re not a red wine lover, go for some champagne. Try to choose a drier type to avoid the same “too sweet” problem.

So head down those aisles with no regrets and sip, snack and enjoy. Tell us your favorite pairings or if you have any tricks or treats you love!




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