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Happy National Apple Month!

Happy National Apple Month!

The month of October brings to light several holidays and other national happenings to look forward to: Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness, changing of seasons, etc. But did you know October is also a month to celebrate apples? That’s right. October is National Apple Month. We have the U.S Apple Association to thank for this month’s worth of apple appreciation.

In 1906, this organization first declared a week be dedicated to apples. Ninety years later, they decided one week just wasn’t enough, so they extended this time of recognition to a whole month. The original intent of this acknowledgement was to increase apple sales and overall promotion of the fruit. However, we’re not trying to sell you any apples with this article – read more below for fun facts about apples, lovely orchards in mid-Missouri, and fall apple dishes as well as our attempted puns throughout.

All About Apples

Don’t underestimate the power of apples. Doctors recommend eating one a day (with good reasoning) as the health benefits of apples are outstanding. With no sodium, fat or cholesterol apples are packed with natural fiber. Don’t discredit the peel as that’s where the majority of its antioxidants and fiber are located. You know what they say - an apple a day keeps the doctor away!
If you want a natural teeth whitener, eat an apple! This fruit contains malic acid, which aids in dissolving stains found on your teeth. If you can’t find an apple variety you like, you’re not looking hard enough as there are more than 2,500 apple varieties found in the United States alone.

Apple Orchards in Mid-Missouri

Huffstetter Orchards is a family-owned apple and peach orchard located in New Franklin, MO, and is only 25 miles outside of Columbia. They charge $6 dollars a peck (a handled container used to measure organic dry goods) and even provide recipes on their website to create delicious, homemade dishes with your harvest! Check out their website for weekly picking times but hurry in as they only provide these hours through the month of October.

Hickory Ridge Orchard’s three acre apple farm in Mexico, MO, is 35 miles outside of Columbia. It has over 450 trees to pick from as well as 18 varieties of apples. Their website has a helpful list of the apples in season for picking at the moment. Want to make a day of it? The farm also offers other attractions such as hayrides, hiking trails and more outdoor activities. They are open from now until November 4th for your picking.

Theirbach Orchads and Berry Farm sells apples by the bundle or you can pick your own! Their farm is located just outside of St. Louis and is about an hour and a half from Columbia. Their farm boasts 16 apple varieties including Honey Crisp, Granny Smith and Golden Delicious. Want to know added bonus of visiting this farm? They will give you a hayride over to the apple farm for your convenience and enjoyment! Their apple picking time lasts from now until early October, weekends only and you can find more information on their website.

Enticing Fall Apple Dishes

Apples are such a well-rounded fruit. Their bitter yet sweet notes allow them to wear many hats and therefore be included in an array of dishes. Obviously, you are familiar with the basic recipes consisting of all the pies, strudels and turnovers. Join us in reinventing the wheel of apple recipes while putting a fun twist to incorporate those cozy and warm fall flavors.  

Curried Carrot and Apple Soup

This savory soup is simple and bursting with those familiar fall flavors that make us want to curl up beside a fire and watch movies all day. Although incorporating apples into your soup may seem risky, this dish it is a perfect balance against the subtle heat of the curry.

Recipe link:

Fennel and Apple Salad

In this tart and sweet salad, both vegetables and fruits live in harmony together to create a flavorful dish. This recipe is simple and does not require too much of your time. Make this tasty dish for your next dinner party or family get-together as it is not only delicious but also packed with health benefits from the fennel and apple power duo.

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Apple Cider Pulled Pork

The name of this dish speaks for itself by taking the American classic of pulled pork and making it more adaptable to the fall season with the use of apples and caramelized onions. Throw the ingredients in a slow cooker in the morning and come home to a ready-to-go dinner.

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Apple Raisin French Toast

There have been many recipes created in an attempt to put a new spin on french toast, so here is one of the yummiest yet. Make this unique french toast for a brunch with family and friends as it is easily shareable as well as scrumptiously filling. Make this dish more personalized to your tastes and preferences by using your favorite bread!

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Bourbon Apple Crisp Shooters

Want to stay up to speed with food trends? Try making this mini-desert in a mason jar or large shot glass. These shooters are a great choice for parties and feeding guests because they follow the “grab and go” technique which reduces clusters and complications when serving. This adult take on the classic apple crisp makes it a unique and fun dessert to make (and consume)!

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