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Harold's Doughnuts Announces Second Location for National Doughnut Day

Harold's Doughnuts Announces Second Location for National Doughnut Day

Harold’s has more than doughnuts to celebrate today for National Doughnut Day. They will be frying up over 5,000 doughnuts as they announce the opening of a second location here in Columbia.

 Harold’s Doughnuts has dedicated countless hours of mixing, frying, and serving up sweet and savory treats for the Columbia community. Everyone has become attached to Harold’s, from parents waking up to grab doughnuts for their kiddos on lazy weekends, to college students snagging an early morning breakfast on their way to class.

As the concept of Harold’s increasingly intertwined with the community, the desire for more space to dedicate more time to this doughnut-loving community became clear in the early days of the first location. More space would be needed and delivery and catering, as well as events, extended hours and retail space would need to be accommodated.

 A new location was the solution, “it became clear that with a new location we could make our own downtown shop more accessible to events like doughnut-making classes, Memory Maker events, Doughnut Bars, and more unique programming that is central to who we are and what we seek to do in Columbia,” says Owner, Michael Urban.

That is why Harold’s will officially open a second location at 204 Nifong Blvd. The location will still follow the tradition of the “Love Your Craft” slogan, and of course, their famous doughnuts made fresh from scratch.

That being said, there will be new and exciting doughnuts to taste such as the “scratch-made cruller, a fried cinnamon roll doughnut, and a traditional bear claw to name just a few things that are in the works,” Urban says. There will also be chef creations with a local flair-a mocha crème-filled Bismarck infused with Fretboard Coffee.

Along with their craft doughnuts, Harold’s plans to expand their beverage selection. They are planning to expand into a larger variety of coffee and juice beverages. Gone are the days Harwill close at 2 p.m. This second location will be open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Customers will have a drive-through option as well. A selection of beer and wines to pair with kolaches will add a savory option for visitors throughout the afternoon and evening.

Dough-Nut miss out on any of Harold’s upcoming events, “Love Your Craft” and sign up on their website to receive emails about the latest on the new location as well.

Harold’s Doughnuts, 114 S. Ninth St., Downtown, Columbia, Missouri, 573.397.6322,


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