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Have You Heard? The Best Tacos Come in Bags

Have You Heard? The Best Tacos Come in Bags

Tuesday. Debatably one of the slowest days of the week. Work drags on, school lasts forever and then the realization hits: It isn’t just Tuesday, it’s Taco Tuesday.

This “light at the end of the tunnel” comfort is now available all week long at Taco Tuesday, Everyday,  Columbia’s newest taco joint. The best part of Tuesday, unique, delicious tacos to eat in or get on the go on a busy day are available six days a week and are great for all ages.
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However, these tacos aren't your typical, authentic tacos. A modern and all-age-friendly twist on the food favorite, Taco Tuesday, Everyday, located at 212 East Green Meadows #5 Columbia, Missouri, specializes in walking tacos.

Started by Columbia residents Brittany Huhn and her husband, Taco Tuesday, Everyday is based on a food the two grew up with although many may not have heard of it. “We both have eaten walking tacos our whole lives and then we served them to kids at our one year old’s birthday party,” said Brittany.

The walking taco was created to be something simple and customizable for each individual customer. “A walking taco is a taco in a bag,” said Brittany. “You get to choose what chips you want, you get to choose your meat option and you put whatever fixin’s you want on top of that. Lettuce, tomato sour cream, any of that stuff. We make them custom for each person.”

The two started off with the idea of a walking taco and the menu was built from there. “Then we thought well, we can't just stop there so we branched out to the nacho platter and then the walkarito. The walkarito is if you take your walking taco and put it inside a tortilla shell with a layer of melted cheese,” she explained.
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These dishes are served out of an order up window lined with chalk art “how-to” directions that guide first timers or seasoned pros through how walking tacos are created.

Speaking of seasoned, Taco Tuesday, Everyday is dedicated to making each menu item fit customers food needs right down to the seasoning. They make their own taco seasoning in-house to ensure that it is gluten free. Vegetarian options are also available for all menu items.

In the future, Taco Tuesday, Everyday hopes to expand to more locations. With a unique product and only one other restaurant in Chicago that specializes in walking tacos, Brittany feels that they have a unique edge and would love to take the business further.

Stop in on Tuesdays for buy three get one walking tacos and Wednesdays for walkarito wednesday  where walkaritos are two for $9.

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