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I Am Sushi Burrito Introduces New Gold Fish Dessert

I Am Sushi Burrito Introduces New Gold Fish Dessert

I Am Sushi Burrito recently introduced their new dessert: the Gold Fish. The waffle and ice cream concoction is a completely original idea inspired by Korean street food. 

The Process

The Waffle

The waffle batter, which is sweeter than your standard waffle and tastes more like funnel cake, is cooked for about a minute in the iron until it’s perfectly golden. The freshness of the waffle is what makes this dessert a standout. Hot and crispy waffle plus cold and sweet ice cream is a timeless combination. Fun fact: The iron was custom made for Sushi Burrito (probably because there isn't a huge market for fish-shaped waffles!). So why a fish-shaped waffle? The shape plays on the idea of sushi! 

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The fish cones come with two different fillings: Nutella and red bean. Red bean is a popular filling in Korean street food, and Nutella is a fan favorite around the globe. 

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The Ice Cream

Customers can choose between vanilla or green tea ice cream, or a combination of both, to go with their gold fish waffle. The ice cream is soft serve and made in-house for maximum freshness. 

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The fish waffle is then gently placed on top of the ice cream for easier eating and peak Instagramability. If you're on the go, ask about getting ice cream put directly in the waffle.

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The Toppings

Once the ice cream and waffle have been put together, it's time for some fun toppings. Toppings include Pocky sticks, sprinkles, oreos and candy. Each Gold Fish comes with one free topping, or you can pay a small additional charge for more. 

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The Finished Product

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Our Review

Emily and Callie were able to try each of the flavor combinations to review for Savor readers. As expected, the Nutella-filled waffle was incredible. It was especially tasty when paired with vanilla ice cream. The green tea flavor was less sweet and dairy-free, which makes it a perfect choice for those with sugar or dairy sensitivities. We also loved the Pocky sticks that added a nice crunch. 

Now for the question on everyone’s mind: what does a red bean-filled waffle taste like?? Well, it was interesting! The red bean filling does contain whole and lightly mashed beans; it’s by no means a refried bean texture. The filling also has a slight sweetness to it. Callie described it as a red bean jam, which is pretty on-the-nose. If you’re curious and want to try the red bean, we’d recommend pairing it with vanilla ice cream and no toppings. The vanilla is relatively plain and makes the red bean more palatable to someone who hasn’t had it before.

Thank you to I Am Sushi Burrito for having us come and review your new dessert. We will definitely be back in the future! 

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