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Join Sycamore for Seasonal, Locally-Sourced Meals

Join Sycamore for Seasonal, Locally-Sourced Meals

When it comes to quality, seasonal cuisine, Sycamore sets the standard. The restaurant’s American fare is known for being crafted from locally-sourced ingredients, explaining the ever-changing nature of the menu. Taken into consideration with the spacious, charming dining room and notable wine and beer lists, it’s no wonder Sycamore has become a fixture of downtown Columbia’s dining scene since opening in 2005. 

Whether you’re looking for unique small plates, hand-crafted cocktails or quality comfort food, Sycamore is sure to deliver a satisfying dining experience. Savor Columbia highlights some of Sycamore's most popular items, from long-time favorites that never leave the menu to newly introduced seasonal dishes. 

Sycamore Menu Favorites


Pepper Queen

This concoction offers a spicy kick and is sure to warm you up—and have you asking for seconds. Created with lime and jalapeño infused vodka, grapefruit shrub and jalapeño syrup, the Pepper Queen is a local favorite and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. 

Small Plates


This beautiful appetizer offers a surprising but delicious combination of ingredients. What are the ingredients, exactly? Soft burrata cheese, muhammara (a Middle Eastern hot pepper dip), tapenade (a spread traditionally consisting of olives, capers and anchovies) and giardiniera (an Italian relish of pickled vegetables). Scoop them all onto grilled pita bread and enjoy.

Pork Belly Sliders

Where do we even begin with the Pork Belly Sliders? These iconic little bites feature tender pork belly, cooked in a sweet and salty soy glaze, with a flavorful apple slaw into a fresh bun. The dish usually comes with three, but you can order as many as you’d like—but be cautioned, they’re addicting.



How often do you see Cioppino, an Italian-American seafood stew, on menus in the Midwest? Sycamore’s spin on this unique dish consists of tomato-fennel stew with scallops, mussels, gulf shrimp and a grilled baguette. Stop in while it’s still on the menu and give it a try; we can assure you it’s worth straying from a traditional steak, even if it’s just this once. 


Peanut Butter Chess Pie

While you might be full, don’t neglect dessert. This indulgent Peanut Butter Chess Pie is currently on the menu and well worth a try. Who doesn’t love chocolate ganache, chili peanut brittle and whipped cream, anyway? 

Visit Sycamore at 800 E Broadway in Columbia, Missouri, for a delicious, rotating menu of seasonal fare and a wide array of beverages.

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