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Local Mexican Food for Cinco de Mayo

Local Mexican Food for Cinco de Mayo

Columbia, Missouri is home to some of the best Mexican restaurants in Mid-Missouri. From authentic Mexican dishes to Tex-Mex and Peruvian-inspired fare, Columbia has no shortage of great Mexican cuisine. Authentic Mexican food is an art dedicated to showing love and providing a place to connect over a great meal. You’ll feel the love for food and family at Columbia’s local Mexican establishments. In this article, we’ll go over our local favorites and where to get the best tacos, fajitas, and more!

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Where to Find Authentic Mexican Food in Columbia

Columbia has many Mexican restaurants, but there are only a handful that are dedicated to creating authentic Mexican dishes with unparalleled passion. Among the most popular authentic establishments is Las Margaritas Mexican Bar and Grill, which opened in 2012 and has three locations in Columbia, Mo. The restaurant is owned by Francisco Esquival and serves authentic Mexican fare alongside Tex-Mex dishes. Carlito’s Cabo is another local favorite, serving up Peruvian-inspired Mexican dishes alongside authentic Mexican fare. Jose Jalapenos Authentic Mexican Restaurant is exactly what the name suggests: high quality, authentic Mexican. Hungry for more? Click the restaurant names to peruse any of the menus!

Authentic Mexican Food is a Celebration of Family, Food, and Tradition

Authentic Mexican cuisine is not simply about who has the best tacos or fajitas in town. Mexican cuisine has a long and rich history, and there’s one thing all authentic Mexican establishments in Columbia all have in common: dedication to family, food, and tradition. Food is more than just physical sustenance in Mexican culture. It is a way to connect with loved ones and celebrate life. Las Margaritas, Jose Jalapenos, and Carlito’s Cabo are all family owned, and have a passion for creating authentic Mexican dishes in addition to more experimental creations rooted in classic plates. A large part of Mexican and Hispanic culture in general is food. Food is a celebration, a way to connect, and a way to show love.

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Authentic Mexican Dishes

The traditional plates in authentic Mexican cuisine have been enjoyed for generations. In fact, the ancient Aztecs introduced many of the ingredients that we now consider classically Mexican. So, what are some classic Mexican dishes? We’ll go over a few!

Arroz Con Pollo - rice with chicken

Pollo Asado - grilled chicken with spices

Tamales - a corn based dough called masa is filled with meat and wrapped in a corn husk

Enchiladas - a corn tortilla filled with meat, rolled, and covered in a chili sauce

Chilaquiles - fried tortilla strips topped with spicy tomato sauce and cheese

Lamb Barbacoa - lamb marinated and slow cooked for many hours

Carne Asada - grilled beef often served in tacos or burritos

Check Out Columbia’s Authentic Mexican Restaurants!

We’ve only featured a few of our favorites in this article, but Columbia has many more Mexican restaurants, so take some time to find your favorite spot! Don’t forget to snap a photo of your plate before digging in and tag us on Instagram and Facebook. Salud!

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