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Love Your Craft Fest

Love Your Craft Fest

It's hard enough to concentrate on school or work on a Friday but on October 7, 2016, it was particularly difficult to do so, especially if you were anywhere near 9th Street. 

At around 2:30 p.m., after the final pieces of the stage were in place, 9th street was blocked off and a few Columbians has started to walk around and check out the booths at the fest, the music started to flow through downtown and #LYCFest was ready to begin. 

A sunny, fall weather day, another reason to want to get outside, was the perfect setting for Harold's Doughnuts first ever Love Your Craft Fest. A free block party for all ages with local brewers, shops and of course, Harold's Doughnuts, #LYCfest featured local musical artists performing throughout the evening, free doughnuts (yum) and booths set up by local companies for attendees to walk around and check out.

 The event was put on by Owner of Harold's, Michael Urban and the Harold's team. He shared the reasons for starting the event with us in the video below. 

It was a super fun event to check out and we hope it will be an annual occurrence! Below, we shared some of our images of the Love Your Craft Fest and asked some of you to share yours. We love seeing your favorite moments from new and favorite local events! We hope you had fun at Love Your Craft Fest and look forward to seeing you there next year! 

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Kids enjoy little snack bags of Harold's Doughnuts. Love Your Craft Fest was free and open for all ages to attend.
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Hanna Yowell eats some delicious Harold's doughnut holes while listening to the band do their soundcheck at the beginning of LYC Fest.
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The Harold's tent offered goodie bags of doughnut holes for everyone at LYC Fest. (Thanks guys!)
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Bands perform sound checks and set up the stage as the Love Your Craft Fest is starting. 
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Love Your Craft Fest goers wait in line to get custom screen print t-shirts from Fast Yeti 
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Harold's had a variety of full size doughnuts as well.
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Thanks to @chrisdoeslife on Instagram for sharing this awesome and creative photo with us! 

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