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Mama T's Cupcakes

Mama T's Cupcakes

When you step into Plume, the vintage-style store located off of east Providence at 165 E. Hoe Down Dr., you’re met with handmade gifts, goodies and trinkets made by local artists. Underneath the glass register counter sit cupcakes that look like the art that surrounds them.  

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 Natasha Myrick, also known as Tash or Mama T, opened Mama T’s cupcakes in 2013 after baking cupcakes for her own wedding to save on costs. Friends and strangers approached her after they learned of her baking abilities and asked her to bake for their events. When the orders rolled in, her husband encouraged her to bake at a larger capacity and partner with Plume to sell her treats.

 A women’s ministry leader for Ministry Campus Crusade for Christ, Myrick dedicated her college years to helping younger students get connected to the University of Central Missouri campus and its resources. Her supportive ways earned her the nickname “Mama T,” hence the name of her business. Her cupcakes bring the same joy and liveliness to customers that she did to those she supported in college.

One of the first things Mama T’s originally started selling was gluten and dairy-free cupcakes, but since then, she has been regularly baking “sugary, buttery and full-gluten” versions, as Myrick’s father calls them.

“A lot of people would see the gluten-free at first and say, ‘oh, I don’t need that,’ or ‘oh, that’s probably going to taste bad,’” says Myrick. “They don’t. They taste really good.”

Whether customers choose standard or GF recipes, they can rest assured they are getting a delicious treat.

“Something that I’m asked frequently is what makes my cupcakes different from anywhere else you can get a cupcake,” says Myrick. “I would just say I spend a lot of individual time on them. I make all of my fillings and everything from scratch. If I don’t think it tastes good, I’m not going to sell it. So they are individually crafted in very small batches.”

Baked in a baby pink, 50’s-era stove in the back room of Plume, all of Mama T’s cupcakes must be made in small batches due to the oven’s age and capacity limit. This lends to the individuality of the cupcakes, as does the passion Myrick has for her business.

All of the cupcakes and fillings are made from scratch and “themed” cupcakes are created seasonally with any creative inspiration Myrick happens to find.

“I like to experiment a lot and I’ve had many failures,” says Myrick. “That’s how I know what works.”

The flavors in the photo below are permanent, but any flavors customers may have seen in the past can be brought back if they really love them or have a special request. For example, Mama T’s chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes were a hot commodity last Valentine’s Day. Although some flavors are not included in the regular, everyday menu, a customer is welcome to place a catering order for them.

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Themed cupcakes are available around the holidays. To fit the upcoming Easter theme, Cadbury eggs and foil-wrapped chocolate bunnies adorn the top of fluffy white frosting. Available in GF and non-GF versions.

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Myrick bakes larger catering orders for baby showers, weddings and other events out of her home. Everything sold at Plume is baked in the store. Stop into Plume to pick up a box of cupcakes or place a catering order on Mama T’s Facebook Page:

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