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Mark Your Calendar for Another National Food Holiday: National Muffin Day!

Mark Your Calendar for Another National Food Holiday: National Muffin Day!

Disclaimer: A separate day from national blueberry muffin day, which is in July.

The never-ending list of National Food Holidays provides us with not only something to look forward to, but also gives us a reason to indulge in our favorite foods. If you don’t look forward to the traditional American holidays, like Halloween or New Years, here is one we can all get excited for: National Muffin Day. Cousin to the cupcake, frequently mis-labeled as a dessert (but still extremely tasty), this baked good has earned its own day of the year. The muffin is so well-loved and adored, it is even used as a term of endearment in society. Take February 20th to give muffins the credit they deserve. Share one with a friend, give one to your boss, or buy a box for yourself. If you are planning to observe this holiday, make sure to buy from the local bakeries and coffee shops in Columbia, Mo.

A Brief History of the Muffin

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Bread or pastry? The word muffin derives from the French word mouflett, meaning a soft bread (a very literal translation on the French’s part). Although the muffin can be sweet or savory, it is technically a bread. As muffin recipes broke the press in the early 1800s, it wasn’t until later in the 19th century they became the popular food item we know them to be today. The nursery rhyme “muffin man” has its roots in a very real and very well liked group called the muffin men. These traveresers would ring their bells in the streets during tea-time to let people know they had muffins to sell. An Act of Parliament in the 1840s unsuccessfully tried to ban the muffin men’s ringing of the bells. The legacy of the muffin men continues to thrive as there is even a 90’s band from Liverpool named in their honor. Today we have limitless options on muffin flavor variety, allowing them to be enjoyed at any time of day.

Local Bakeries and Coffee Shops in Columbia, Mo Offering Muffins and Other Tasty Baked Goods

Uprise Bakery

  • Known for its welcoming atmosphere and unique menu items, Uprise Bakery has the hearts of Columbia residents and visitors alike. Check out their daily chalkboard menu to see what fresh muffins they are offering on February 20th!

Lakota Coffee Company

  • Lakota keeps customers on their toes with rotating muffin flavors throughout the year. A hot spot to study or meet with a friend, Lakota boasts cozy surroundings and impressive coffee blends to pair with your muffin.

Nourish Cafe

  • For a healthy twist on the muffin, check out Nourish Cafe located on Broadway in Downtown Columbia, Mo. Their pumpkin muffin comes highly recommended and with great health benefits!

The Grind

  • The Grind’s menu flaunts a wide variety of muffin flavors. If you are having trouble choosing one, feel free to ask one of the friendly faces behind the counter. While you’re there, try one of their signature drinks like the Adult Chocolate Milk or The Aucky.  

Upper Crust Bakery

  • Located outside of the downtown scene, Upper Crust rises with the sun to bake their masterpieces fresh every morning. Planning to surprise your whole family with muffins? Call in early to place a customized order!

Other Delicious Local Bakeries:

U Knead Sweets
Range Free
Good Food Co
B&B Bagel

Pay homage to the muffin on February 20th and buy local!

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