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Siphoned, Cold Brewed, Fair Trade and Small, Columbia's local Coffee Shops Have it All

Siphoned, Cold Brewed, Fair Trade and Small, Columbia's local Coffee Shops Have it All

Whether you're stopping by before a busy day of work or camping out for a late night before finals, Columbia has a varitey of coffee shops that specialize in different types of coffee that are perfect for whatever you need to be caffenated for.

While some may think there is just one type of coffee, our look inside Columbia’s Coffee shops showed us there is more to the perfect cup and the perfect experience. Please note, we looked at places that predominantly sell coffee, not food and coffee, and places that were not chains, of course.

Location: 1013 Walnut St Columbia, MO

Hours: Mon-Fri 7a.m.-6p.m. Sat 8a.m.- 6p.m. Sun 8a.m.-5p.m.

Where the name comes from - Came to be over a cup of coffee, relates to the musical influence on the shop as it is part of a guitar.

Best place to... Have a unique coffee experience. Fretboard offers six different brewing methods: French press, siphon pot (which nobody else in Columbia has), pour over, chemed, aeropress and cold brew.

Most popular item - Siphon pot or French press. The French press is the easiest thing for someone to get on the go, available in light, medium or dark roast. For staying and hanging out in Fretboard's cozy, artsy shop for a while, the siphon pot is another favorite because it is a whole unique process that is fun to experience. 

Specials - Available on the Tastebuds App, every time you buy a bag of coffee, you get a free cup of coffee in the shop. "The thinking there is chances are if you need a bag of beans, youre out and you’re not caffeinated. It seems like a cruel joke to send them away with a task to do," says owner Dave Elman. 

Unique because: Fretboard is unique for its location in the arts district in downtown Columbia. Located in a quiet, off the beaten path location, it has a stylish indoor setting where a warm cup of coffee and a good book just feel essential. The outdoor courtyard is spacious and great for days where Columbia weather is nice. The six coffee brewing methods are great because each customer can try new things and find something just for them. 

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The Grind- 

Location: 4603 John Garry Dr. Suite 1 Columbia, Missouri

Hours: Mon-Fri 6 a.m.-12 a.m. Sat&Sun 7a.m.-12 a.m.

Where the name comes from - The shop is set up for working and studying hard and is meant to keep people caffeinated so they can stay “on their grind”

Best place to... Study. There are iPad/ textbook holders built into the walls of the shop, a private study room and hours will be changed to open 24 hours during finals week. Also, The Grind is located on the South side of Providence Rd. and is in a very quiet, serene location, away from traffic and noise. 

Most Popular Item: “The Aucky” which is a unique hybrid between a latte and cappuccino, named after the founder and owner of The Grind Coffee House.

Specialty items - Fall flavored items like pumpkin and peppermint for winter.

Unique Because: The building The Grind inhabits is the first place Aucky, Grind owner, and original coffee hater, ever had coffee. At first he didn't like it and the experience he had there changed his views on the beverage and inspired him to open his own coffee shop. It was coincience that the same location became avaiable at the right time.

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Location: 24 S 9th St Columbia, Missouri

Hours: Mon-Sat 6a.m.-12a.m. Sun 6:30a.m.-12a.m.

Where the name comes from - Lakota means “friendly people” to the Sioux people.

Best place to... Hang out and relax. With comfortable seating and friendly staff, Lakota prides itself on making customers feel welcome to stay a while. Compared to larger corporate stores where there are queues for ordering and picking up orders so people are encouraged to grab and go in a timely manner, Lakota invites guests to hang around and enjoy their purchase. 

Most popular item: It really depends on the season. Right now it is the pumpkin pie latte, caramel apple cider and the turtle frappe. A frappe is ice cream and espresso blended together. In the summer, it's the coffee shake frappe.

Specials - Closer to christmas Lakota will offer some specials on pounds of coffee for gifts.

Unique Because - They use Prairie Farms milk from Jefferson City and their coffee is roasted in house. "You're drinking something within 24-48 hours of it being roasted compared to a corporate place that may be a month old," says General Manager Andrew Du Charme.

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Location:915 Alley A Columbia, Missouri

Hours: Mon-Fri 7a.m.-3p.m. Sat 9a.m.-4p.m. Sun Closed

Where the name comes from - "I come from a long line of radio men. It's a metaphor for recieving and transmitting signals. I think coffee is just a signal" - Owner and roaster Dale Bassham 

Best place to... Get a great light roast coffee. Shortwave only offers light roasts.

Most popular item - V60  pour over or classic cappuccino. They make those fancy milk art cappuccinos you see all over Instagram and the internet. Bring your camera if that's your thing! 

Unique Because: Shortwave is solely focused on coffee, not other items that other coffee shops or corporate chains may offer. According to Bassham, "There are things that we are not ever gonna have. We don't do smoothies we dont do milkshakes. We have an assortment of Harold's donuts from day to day but I dont have heavy cream or even half and half, just milk and sugar. I'm just trying to focus on the coffee. I want all of those things to showcase because there are a bunch of hands that have worked on the coffee from the farmers and when they planted the seeds and the people that tended and picked the cherry and the importers that evaluated it rated it and got it to me and then I roasted it. I mean, thats really the whole method. I just take all of that."

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 Coffee Zone- 

Location: 11 N 9th St, Columbia, MO

Hours: Mon-Sat 6:30a.m.-9p.m. Sun 8a.m.-9p.m.

Best place to... Study, get a good cup of coffee with great atmosphere and if you're hungry, some delicious, authentic Greek food.

Specialty items - Rocket Fuel Coffee and the best Gyro in town (made from the owner's mom's traditional recipe!)

Most popular item - Rocket Fuel which is Coffee Zone's name for really strong, black coffee. Another popular favorite is the Vietnamsee iced coffee made with sweetened condensed milk. 

Unique Because - The atmosphere is very unique. A popular study hangout just a few minutes walk from many Columbia school campuses, there are many tables to study at and the brick walls and hanging lanterns make studying or conversation feel different than anywhere else. different coffees. 

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