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Snack. Local. Pop: CoMo gopo

Snack. Local. Pop: CoMo gopo

CoMO gopo started when Brooke Bartlett and her husband Nick first got married and started a tradition of making big bowls of popcorn to accompany their movie nights. After lots of trial and error, they came up with a variety of flavors that capture their love for Columbia. What started on their kitchen stove top, has now evolved into something that they enjoy sharing with the entire community.

The popcorn business that runs out of local artist vendor store, Plume located at 165 E Hoe Down Dr, Unit B, is not your typical buttered popcorn. The flavors are unique and many are infused with ingredients from local businesses.

“We love popcorn but we love the community more,” says Bartlett. “So there is tons of inspiration in Columbia to make flavors.”

CoMO gopo offers unique flavors that integrates tastes from different local businesses. One of their most POPular flavors, Snapped Ched is the perfect combination of savory and hoppy and partners with Columbia favorite, Logboat Brewing Co. The popcorn flavor blends with a hint of Logboat’s Snapper IPA. They tactfully use a combination of speed and temperature to create a mixture that keeps the popcorn puffed and crunchy. To satisfy a sweet tooth, they have Cookies and Cream, made with crumbled oreos and a dash of sea salt.

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Photo: Slowburn Kettle is a popular gopo flavor that features Lutz's BBQ sauce.

Neighboring city, the popcorn-famous Chicago, has their own mix that is a tribute to the city. gopo decided to create its own tribute to its home in Columbia. A blend of caramel pecan mixed with slow burn kettle is a sweet, salty, spicy mix that is inspired by the Visit Columbia slogan, “What You Unexpect.”

“Columbia has this traditional side to it and it has this wild side to it so we just kind of thought, since that is the Columbia motto…why not?” says Bartlett.

All of their corn kernels are sourced from Illinois and popped to perfection in four-gallon batches. The amount of popcorn produced varies from week to week and they typically switch flavors out as the seasons change. Following gopo on social media, or “popping” into Plume is the best way to taste new flavors. All of the popcorn is packaged in ribbon wrapped boxes, cellophane bags or mason jars if you so choose them for your next event. For a date night, they have the perfect size for two. But they also have the option to cater large events and everything in between. CoMO gopo has the following standard sizes available at Plume and customers can request a “tagline” label for gifting purposes too.

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Photo: Small and large bags, as well as individually wrapped bags are available from CoMO gopo. 

16 oz bag $2.49 - approximately 2.5 cups  - serves one-two

32 oz bag $4.29 - approximately 4 cups - serves two-four

64 oz bag $7.99 approximately 8 cups - serves four-eight

Gallon bag $14.99 approximately 16 cups - serves eight -sixteen

Popcorn lovers are welcome to come into Plume and purchase the sweet treats or, hire gopo for large events such as weddings, corporate events or birthdays.

Visit to learn more, see all flavor options, suggest a flavor or book gopo for your event.

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