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Spring Forward with Colorful Confections from Fluffybutt Cookies

Spring Forward with Colorful Confections from Fluffybutt Cookies

For Tammy Carter, baking has always been a passion and it was her drive for making the perfect cookie that inspired her to start baking out of her home for customers in 2012. Her fluffy cats inspired the charming name that the Columbia community has grown to love.

A self-taught baker, Tammy creates every cookie with the perfect balance of chewy center and crunchy edge. These treats are anything but dry and tasteless. Each cookie is decorated by hand and is almost too pretty to eat, but your sweet tooth will have you wanting to come back for more.

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The swirls of detailed icing are blended with an orange emulsion, “just a subtle background note that blends well with the cookie,” Tammy said. Meringue powder helps to create an icing consistency that is just right for decorating. The emulsion creates a royal glaze that is piped onto the cookies using the practice of what Tammy and cookie artists call “flooding and edging.”

This decorating process is a combination of a steady hand, patience and lots of practice. To top each cookie with icing, she uses tipless plastic bags, ordered to a specific thickness, to pipe out the silky mixture. A tool called a scriber needle assists Tammy in finishing the finest of details and it is similar to the size and thickness of a toothpick.

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“My cookies are great without icing and that is the way I prefer them, but nobody is paying me for naked cookies,” Tammy notes. That implies the trial and error she went through to get the perfect cookie. The colorful icing is what shows her talent for decorating flawlessly. With a bit of inspiration from a customer’s request, and a visual to show, Tammy can decorate just about any design you would like. She sketches her cookies from scratch, and for consistency with large batches she uses a handheld projector. From there, every batch of icing is color coordinated and mixed by hand.

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Tammy went to school for interior design and took art classes to exercise her crafty hobby her entire life. She enjoyed baking and decorating cakes but she enjoys the art of sugar cookie decorating best for expressing the finest of details to satisfy any customer’s request. A laundry list of baking tools and endless cookie cutters fill her home, which is where she works late into the night after finishing her day job at MBS.

She never uses preservatives and if kept in an airtight container, cookie freshness will last for up to two weeks.

Sugar Cookie Ingredient Breakdown: not to mention one final secret ingredient

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