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The Pawfect Place to Take Your Furry Friend

The Pawfect Place to Take Your Furry Friend

If you're a doughnut lover, you probably frequent Columbia's Harold's Doughnuts. The next time you stop in for a morning maple bacon or your favorite creation, bring your dog along for a doughnut they can enjoy. 
A little not-so-secret but little-known part of Harold's is their pup-friendly goodies! 
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The doggy doughnuts are made of peanut butter, bacon fat, oatmeal, flour, egg whites and a little bit of water, punched into a little doughnut shape.
They are made from the excess ingredients of human doughnuts - namely the maple bacon and peanut butter cream. Therefore, no ingredients are wasted in the process and the treats' ingredients are safe for furry friends to eat. 
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Created by the Harold's team, an all-around love for dogs inspired the crew to bake up something special for more than just customers. 
Melissa Poelling is Harold's pastry chef and one of the brains behind the doggy doughnut idea.

“A lot of times what happens, especially in the summer, is we will get people walking their dogs and they will tie them up outside,” says Poelling. “They will come in and will see their sad puppy faces looking through the window so we are like, let's make them a little something.”

Harold's plans to package and sell them at some point down the road but for now, Harold's will stick to having their big ol' bucket on hand behind the counter for any furry, four-legged companion just begging to get a taste. 
*We brought a very eager dog model, Harlow Mullin, to sample the goods for us and she was NOT disappointed, as you may be able to tell.*
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If you take your pup by Harold's and try the treats, tell Savor and Harold's how much your pet liked them on social media! We'd all love to hear their reviews! 

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