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Vegetarian restaurants, food and more for Vegetarian Awareness Month

Vegetarian restaurants, food and more for Vegetarian Awareness Month

Many people may wonder exactly does being a vegetarian mean. Being a vegetarian is pretty simple, and it entails not eating any type of meat. The next question is, why would someone voluntarily choose to do this? Here’s why, there are numerous benefits to being a vegetarian and one of them is branching out. There is a whole world of new and delicious vegetarian food out there that you have yet to try. October is Vegetarian Awareness Month so whether it’s for a week, a day, or a meal, give vegetarianism a try!

Local Vegetarian Restaurants

Many of the local restaurants in Columbia offer delicious vegetarian options. Some of the restaurants offer vegetarian meat substitutes for the real deal while others have dishes that exclude meat products. It’s so easy to find vegetarian options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and variety of types of foods including American, Thai, Mexican and Italian. All of the restaurants below have an abundance of vegetarian options to choose from. We’ve picked our favorite ones for you to try!

Cafe Berlin

Vegetarian dish to try: Starving Artist: A biscuit topped with potatoes, sautéed greens, two eggs and vegetarian gravy


Vegetarian dish to try: The No. 5: A vegetarian garden sausage, two eggs, golden hash browns, and buttered toast

Main Squeeze

Vegetarian dish to try: Everything! It’s 100% vegetarian with lots of options for different tastes, available for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  

The Pasta Factory

Vegetarian dish to try: Eggplant Parmigiano: Fresh eggplant, sliced thick, breaded with Italian spices and sauteed, then baked with marinara sauce, Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses

Las Margaritas

Vegetarian dish to try:  Vegetarian Combo C:  One Bean Burrito, One Cheese Enchilada, One Bean Tostada and Nacho Cheese

Bangkok Gardens

Vegetarian dish to try: Masaman Curry with Tofu: Coconut curry stew with eggplant, potatoes carrots, onions, and garlic

Thip Thai

Vegetarian dish to try: Pad See-u with Tofu: Sautéed flat rice noodles with tofu, Chinese broccoli, carrots & egg in garlic soy sauce

Why Go Vegetarian?

There is an abundance of reasons someone may choose to go vegetarian permanently or at least for a brief period of time. Whether it’s health, environmental or economical, now is the perfect time to give the whole vegetarian thing a whirl.

Vegetarian Diets are Healthy

Many people opt to go vegetarian for health related reasons. Removing meat products from your diet can help prevent cancer, lower risk for type two diabetes and even reverse heart disease. Vegetarian diets are low in fat and cholesterol which are both highly prevalent in meat products. Vegetarian diets can help keep weight down and help you live longer. Going vegetarian can even give you more energy throughout the day! Fat in the bloodstream from meat products can cause arteries not to work and prevent oxygen from getting to your muscles. This depletes your energy. A common concern about being vegetarian is lack of protein. Many people may worry about not getting enough protein in their diet with removing meat. However, there are vegetarian proteins such as tofu, tempeh, seitan that are loaded with protein. Other vegetarian foods that are loaded with protein including  beans, edamame, chickpeas, soy products, oats, and nuts to name a few.

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Vegetarian food is environmentally conscious

Going vegetarian not only is beneficial to your health, but it can help the environment. When animals are used for food, they produce carbon monoxide, methane, and other greenhouse gasses that get trapped in the atmosphere. Cutting back on meat products can help reduce demand and pollution from livestock. Also, more water is used in the raising of livestock than is use to produce wheat and other crops. Pollution can be reduced too. There would be less runoff in rivers and oceans from animal waste, antibiotics, and hormones. Destruction of wildlife habitats for grazing animals would be decreased with less demand for meat.

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Vegetarian meals are economical

Going vegetarian is easier on your wallet! Meat is often the most expensive component of a meal when grocery shopping. By cutting out meat products, you can save money on groceries. This gives you the opportunity to try out tasty vegetarian recipes while saving money. Even when eating out at restaurants,  vegetarian meals are easier to prepare and therefore are cheaper than meat options. Eating vegetarian even once and a while can be a great option to help save money.

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