Aroma Coffee House is locally owned and family operated; it was born out of love for a quality cup of coffee, and the desire for a coffee shop on the Business Loop and surrounding areas. It is conveniently located across from Hickman high school. Aroma offers an open environment for students, community members, a lounge area, and a conference room that can be used by anyone looking to get work done.

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"Covid Hypocrites"

They would not allow me to put creamer in my own coffee. When I asked why, they said, "covid." The person who would not allow me to put my creamer in had prepared my coffee without mask or gloves. I asked why she wasn't wearing a mask and she just said "we don't have to." Between me and the workers, I was the only one wearing a mask! This is hypocritical. Use the covid excuse when it suits you, but ignore covid when it is inconvenient for you to wear a mask to protect others. I threw the coffee away and will never go back.

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